About Perfect Endings and Sam Godfrey

His cakes have graced tables honoring Presidents and First Ladies, Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Award winners, World and Olympic Champions, International Heads of State and Legendary Chefs. For her fiftieth birthday, Oprah Winfrey had four grand celebrations across the country…and four Perfect Endings cakes. On the occasion of her ninetieth, Julia Child had a Perfect Endings cake, and another for her ninety-first. Chef Thomas Keller had one when he turned 50, and another for the French Laundry’s tenth anniversary. Eva Longoria flew one to Paris, arguably the pastry capital of the world, to serve at her wedding to NBA star, Tony Parker. Sting, Ellen Degeneres, and the beloved Dr. Maya Angelou each celebrated milestone birthdays with a Perfect Endings cake.

In 2006, a cake by Perfect Endings graced the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings, marking the first time in the magazine’s history that the cover featured a cake not made in-house. In 2013 Oprah Winfrey named her 60 Favorite Things…his cake was number one on her list. The nationwide cupcake craze was born in his kitchen, and he brought a long forgotten southern cake, named Red Velvet, back into the national consciousness by baking one for the wedding of pop stars Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Despite a consensus that European pastry reigns unchallenged as the gold standard, he boldly stated –and demonstrated- that American baking, excellently done, commands a prominent place alongside the best in the world. Party planners in the know, those who have worked with the finest cake artisans in the country, say no cake has ever tasted better.

One might imagine the focus of such lofty praise and recognition to have an ego as inflated as the most ethereal soufflé. Au contraire. Close friends and colleagues marvel at the humility that emanates from a man whose client list reads like a Who’s Who of renowned chefs, jet-setting socialites and Hollywood’s rich and famous. “Were she alive today, my grandmother would be profoundly proud of this little career I’ve had. Entirely biased, she would heap praise upon me from sunrise until sunset. And then, she would remind me of all of the people who are responsible for whatever success I have had…she would name the names so that I would remember. She instilled confidence but was intolerant of arrogance and entitlement. I was -and remain- inspired by her grace and humility, and especially by her ability to pinpoint what truly is most important in life.”

That grandmother, a formidable southern woman named Pearl, taught Sam her repertoire of sweet southern delicacies and used baking to distract him from the perils that befell many around them. He turned those lessons, and those delicacies, into one of the most renowned specialty cake companies in the world. Shortly after high school, he relinquished an all-expense-paid scholarship to the prestigious Cordon Bleu, Paris, to return to his ailing grandmother. Impassioned but untrained, he never regretted the decision but believed it would cost him any opportunity for a career in food. “As much as I wanted to be, I am not the product of an esteemed culinary institution. I am at peace with it, but gaining a formal education in baking looms on the bucket list. Everything I know came from mama and the churchwomen in our community, all of whom absolutely lived to bake. They created excuses to bake; when people died, they baked. Children were born, they baked. Somebody’s on life support and can’t eat a bite, they baked! Not one of them was trained, not one of them ever baked professionally or for profit. It was in their chromosomes…they simply had to do it. I am here because they did.”

The memory of those women and the lessons they taught him remains his greatest source of inspiration. “They didn’t live long enough to see me bake for so many of their heroes or to know that their little cakes and pies would one day be flown all over the world to people who could have any cake or pie in the world. They would be astounded, they would be filled with pride, and they would be humble. The best way to honor them is to receive every compliment or accolade as they would have; with perspective and gratitude.”

What People Say About Perfect Endings And Sam Godfrey


“Sam Godfrey does for dessert what da Vinci did for Mona Lisa.”

Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine

“Baker Extraordinaire.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Sam Godfrey is in a league of his own when it comes to haute couture wedding confectionary.”

Colin Cowie

“Not only are the cakes extraordinary to look at, they are equally as extraordinary to eat. Perfect Endings’ cakes are — without hesitation – the finest wedding cakes I have ever tasted.”

Laurie Arons, Laurie Arons Special Events

“When I die, I want to be buried in Perfect Endings’ Chocolate Candy Bar Cake!”

Robin Montero, A Dream Wedding

“The King of Cake.”

San Francisco Magazine

“The six- tiered wedding cake by Perfect Endings towered. It stunned the crowd. It stole the show.”

Town & Country Magazine

“Sam Godfrey is to baking what Michelangelo is to ceilings.”

Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine

“…another feature of Godfrey’s work that is apparently rare in the wedding business: they taste great.”

San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

“Sam is an extraordinary talent! Fabulous cakes, great designs, flexible, fun and sheer pleasure to work with.”

Paula Leduc, Paula Leduc Fine Catering

“As a professional chef for more than 50 years, I have seen extraordinary work done in chocolate, in sugar, in pastillage, and the like, but I don’t think I have ever seen anything as creative and stunning as the work of Sam Godfrey. The variety of fillings and the delicacy of the cakes could match those of any baker in the field, and I can’t honestly think of anyone in his league at doing this type of work.”

Jacques Pepin

“Each guest received an exquisite petite wedding cake from Napa Valley’s Perfect Endings. They were the highlight of the exceptional menu.”

Food & Wine Magazine

“Calling Sam Godfrey a baker does not do justice. He is the Matisse of desserts.”

Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine

“The Prince of Pastry.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“…the most creative, stunning and delectable wedding cakes to grace the many high-profile weddings in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

San Francisco Bride Magazine

“I don’t even consider anybody else in his league.  He has such a dedication to perfection in every way. Sam is an incredibly gracious person, and this quality comes through not only in his desserts, but also in his personality.  His reputation is undisputed – he’s the king!”

Elaine Bell, Elaine Bell Catering

“Cakes are the only thing we don’t produce ourselves here at Meadowood, so we have to be 100% sure of them.  Sam and his products are absolutely without fault.  When the bride first sees that cake she just gasps!  To have both exceptional looks and extraordinary taste – that’s top notch!  Once we had a bride who didn’t follow through with her order and there was no cake at the wedding.  I called Sam and he actually undressed a cake he was preparing for the next day, redecorated it to fit her wedding, and rushed it over. He really came through for me.  Now that’s service!”

Lori Wickersham, Wedding Coordinator, Meadowood Resort, Napa Valley

“Local caterers and party planners say nobody comes close.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“We were shooting a national print ad for Hewlett Packard and we needed a very detailed and specific kind of cake. We saw the portfolios of the top 15 specialty cake makers in the Bay Area and it was clear that Perfect Endings was the most creative and accomplished.”

Suzanne Rubin, Suzanne Rubin Styling