Joyful Couple Reviews

A successful relationship is all about maintaining great, ongoing conversations. That said, Joyful Couple strives to create products that help couples improve their relationship and happiness through Games for Couples.

Joyful Couple Reviews
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Eduards founded the brand in Latvia. He founded this brand with the principle of improving relationships. Thus, he strictly follows the values and maintains good partnerships with all business partners and customers.

Sex is one form of conversation and is essential to it. By believing in the power of romance, the brand strives to bring fun, spontaneous, and creative relationship games which define even the happiest, most supportive, and sexiest relationships.

The brand’s relationship card games for couples encourage fun yet meaningful dialog. So, it’s not all about sex but other aspects to strengthen your relationship, such as discovering more about each other’s desires.

Due to its innovation and quality products, people are noticing. On Instagram, the brand has 4k followers and nearly 2k likes on Facebook.

With various relationship games for couples, the brand aims to help couples have happier, more romantic, and more challenging relationships. If you want to know more about this brand, don’t miss a single Joyful Couple review because we will cover it in detail!

Why Shop at Joyful Couple?

It’s undeniable that sex certainly plays an essential role in a great relationship. And it’s no secret that sex also has many moving parts. It is always worth looking for ways to make it more interesting, and this is where you need a Joyful Couple!

The brand provides a collection of couple games, massage oils, and accessories that will help strengthen your relationship and your partner relax and enjoy each other.

On top of that, the brand created these products with one goal: to strengthen the relationship. Therefore, the brand wants to help you build the 3 pillars of intimacy; emotional, intellectual, and physical, which define a happy and productive relationship.

Unlike other relationship game cards with a romantic foreplay category that slowly leads to naughty activities, Joyful’s Game takes you straight to the point. It focuses on spicy, sexy, and naughty adventures for you and your partner.

Customers can be happy that this brand ships its products internationally, covering Canada, Europe, and other countries. In addition, you also have the opportunity to get free shipping on all US and International orders.

Furthermore, the brand wants you to get their products with a satisfied and happy feeling. Therefore, the brand provides product returns for up to 45 days.

What's On Joyful Couple Review

Couple game, as the name suggests, is a bedroom card game with fun activities for couples. It lets you get a glimpse into the world of BDSM, Sex Toys and even explore outdoor sex activities. Interested in owning one? Here are the brand’s product categories you can explore:

Joyful Couple Products

The collection of relationship games above will help you find games focusing on sexuality, romance, and intimacy that will enhance several aspects of your relationship. Next, we’ll look at some bestsellers to give you the scoop. So scroll up to get started!

Joyful Couple Sexy Couples Games Review

The Sexy Couples Games is a relationship card game created to strengthen your intimacy with your partner. These sexy card games are recommended for couples pushing for more after-hours play.

Joyful Couple Sexy Couples Games Review
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In addition, this Sexy Couples Games collection comes in various themes. Each is meant for a specific purpose, situation, and type of relationship. Thus, if you are overwhelmed by the options provided, you can find a suitable option according to your & your partner’s preferences.

These Sexy Couples Games come in 5 options; Foreplay Game, Naughty Game, Kinky Challenges, Kinky Game, and Naughty Scenarios. Here is a brief review of each of these products.

  • Foreplay Game
    • Specially designed to enhance your foreplay experience.
    • It helps you build anticipation by exploring each other’s bodies.
    • 3 Stages: Sensual, Seductive, and Provocative.
  • Naughty Game
    • Comes with the idea of 50 different activities, from romantic to wild and passionate.
    • Diverse and suitable for most couples.
    • 5 Sensual Stages: Warm-Up, Sexy, Hot, Steamy, and Wild.
  • Kinky Game
    • Trains you in the art of seduction and exploring sexual boundaries.
    • Explores a bit of the BDSM world.
    • 5 Sensual Categories: Vanilla, Outdoor, Sex Toy, Bondage, and Domination.
  • Kinky Challenges
    • It helps test your relationship and sexual boundaries
    • It is one of the brand’s most intimate games, perfect for daring couples
    • It comes with 50 challenging activity cards, from simple sexual tasks to swinging.
  • Naughty Scenarios
    • It comes with 4000+ scenarios for beginners and experienced couples alike
    • It helps you connect with your partner through fun and exciting role-playing activities.
    • 4 categories are available: persona, what to do, how to do it, and where to do it

Do you want to try new, fun, and exciting things in the bedroom? If yes, then the above collection of Sexy Couples Games can be a good choice for you!

Joyful couple card games give you playful ideas to spice up your relationship and inspiration to expand your sexual and relationship horizons. You can get each card at $34.99 for 50 to 60 laminated cards.

Joyful Couple Sweet Games Review

Besides sex, romance is also part of the journey of love. Joyful offers a fun way for lovers to rekindle the flame of romance by providing you with romantic card games for couples: Romantic Game & New Parent Game.

Joyful Couple Sweet Games Review
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  • Romantic Game
    • Encourages you and your lover to experience romance with a renewed perspective
    • Includes 50 activities
    • 5 stages of sweet play; conversation, activity, travel, gift, and seduction
  • New Parent Game
    • Made to make parenting more fun and easier
    • Includes 30 coupon cards and 20 surprise cards
    • It helps create a fun way to give your love space to grow with your baby

Every couple, sooner or later, gets to a phase where the relationship can start to feel monotonous. To overcome this, you can try the Sweet Games collection above.

The games have many interests and activities you can fulfill with your special person. With these games, you can bring back the romance and build more emotions in your relationship. Both Romantic Game and New Parent Game are available for just $34.99!

Joyful Couple Price

How Much Joyful Couple Cost?

Shopping with a Joyful Couple means you want to bring more fun and enjoyment intimacy to the bedroom. The brand itself offers 2 ways of purchasing; individual and bundles.

For any category, either Sexy Couples Games or Sweet Games, you can get it for $34.99. It includes 60 matte laminated playing cards. However, bundle packages range from $55.00 to $250.00.

In addition to individual and bundle purchases, you can get 10% OFF on your first purchase by registering your email to the mailing list. Also, by registering, the brand sends discount codes/coupon codes on special days & events!

Joyful Couple Pros & Cons

Before buying Joyful products, it’s a good idea to consider both sides; the good and the bad. It will help you make a wise buying decision. So, below we have compiled a list of the pros & cons as follows:

Joyful Couple Pros

  • Gift-ready, stylish packaging
  • Quality design & instruction book
  • Matte laminated cards
  • Free Shipping for all US orders
  • Worldwide Delivery

Joyful Couple Cons

  • Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any negative feedback regarding the brand and products in the official shop or on the internet.

Is Joyful Couple Worth To Buy?

There are many satisfied Joyful Couple customers out there, and there is no denying that their Card Games are perfectly designed for creating hot, sexy, and unforgettable moments together. The brand help couples better understand each other’s needs and desires while having fun through card games.

Additionally, Joyful Card Games include 50 to 60 matte laminated cards with seductive and romantic activities sorted into stages. The brand packs its card games in a stylish matte laminated box with gold foil printed elements, making it a perfect gift for newlyweds, bachelors, anniversaries, or birthdays. Thus, it’s worth it in every aspect.

Joyful Couple Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

One crucial part of a Joyful Couple review you should notice is seeing actual customer results. So, we took the most insightful comments and testimonials on the brand’s official website to give you an accurate picture of the company and its products.

Joyful Couple Customer Reviews
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In the Sexy Game category, the Foreplay Game is the product that got the most reviews. This product received a rating of 4.96 out of 5 stars on the official website. So this is one of the customer feedback on this product:

We loved the foreplay game!!! But, even though we enjoy foreplay, it took us to an adventurous level!

Furthermore, in the Sweet Game category, the Romantic Game received a rating of 5 out of 5 stars, and this is a satisfied customer’s feedback on the product purchase:

It’s even better than I expected, fantastic quality, pretty packaging, and many card categories…

Moreover, the Ultimate Game Bundle is the most purchased bundle package. They get a rating of 4.60 out of 5 stars. One happy customer feedback says:

Well-constructed and put together. Very pleased with the whole bundle. Out of all four decks, we only removed three cards that did not fit our lifestyle.

We went through all the brand’s product categories and found no negative feedback regarding the brand’s products or services. Instead, most customers were happy and satisfied shopping with the brand, and they praised the quality of the brand’s games.

Joyful Couple Customer Service

How To Contact Joyful Couple

The brand hopes you enjoyed its product pleasantly. However, if you have further questions about the brand or its products, please fill out the form or write directly to The customer service team will endeavor to answer as quickly as possible.

Joyful Couple Shipping Policy

The brand is happy to inform you that they provide local and international shipping. And to give you valid information, here are the shipping times and fees terms.

  • Local shipping
    Local orders will be shipped from the brand’s warehouse in the US. It requires 2-5 business days and 3-10 days to Canada for free standard shipping.
  • International shipping
    Shipping internationally will get a shipping cost ranging from 0 – $29.99. Express shipping takes 2-7 business days. However, the standard shipping times will vary according to where you live, and here are the estimates:

    • United States & Canada: 10-20 days
    • Europe: 5-14 days
    • Other countries: 10-28 days

Moreover, the brand also gives free shipping for all orders put on Valentine’s Day. This Free Standard Shipping only applies to all US orders.

On the other hand, international customers also have the opportunity to get Free International Standard shipping on all orders over $75 and Free International Express shipping on all orders over $100.

Joyful Couple Return & Refund Policy

All Joyful Couple sales products are final. That said, there are some exceptions. Nevertheless, items may be returned, exchanged, or replaced for the following reasons:

  • Product arrived damaged or in an inadequate condition
  • Physical products with new-like quality and still in shrink wrap
  • Physical products, new-like quality, but unwrapped

In such cases, the brand provides you with a full refund or replacement package within 5 days of receiving the goods. Massage oil and digital products are non-refundable, while Lost in Transit packages have a 20-day policy.

To apply for a return/refund for a defective item, please send an email to the brand at mentioning the details:

  • Order number
  • Description of damage
  • Photo or video of the damage
  • Your chosen resolution (new item, money refund, exchange, etc.)
  • Any other information you deem important

Upon receipt of your request, the brand will evaluate the request and get back to you as soon as possible, within no more than 14 business days.

Where To Buy Joyful Couple

Visit to shop the brand’s complete collection and redeem the offers. In addition, you can also find the brand’s product collection at several authorized retailers like on etsy and Amazon.


Expressing your want to your partner can be a great way to spice up your relationship. Joyful Couple Games for Couples can help build trust, intimacy, and communication between couples.

The brand’s Games for Couples can be enjoyed by any couple, regardless of their sexual experience or comfort level. In addition, you can easily reach the brand’s products as they offer free shipping internationally.

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